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Coding - 21st Century Requirement

All of us must have seen the TV Advertisement in which a few well dressed corporate people are fighting (literally) outside the house of a school going kid to buy an extraordinary ‘app’ the kid has built using his ‘coding’ skills. His parents are shown to be so proud as if they have hit a jackpot.

Isn’t the Ad too ‘over the top’? It clearly is.

National Education Policy 2020

Over last couple of months many have discussed the features of NEP 2020. It’s time to assess our readiness towards implementing the same…..

Incubator or Accelerator

Most startups find themselves struggling with various programs available. The terms "accelerator" and "incubator" are often assumed to represent the same concept. Here’s an attempt to help startups identify which enabler is the best fit for them....


A Journey from Idea to Market

Good business idea is not enough to build a successful Start up. it is equally important to create a road map carving out the process to take an idea from shed to shelf!


Minimum Viable Product

Before one invests in an idea and builds a business architecture, it is important to test the market viability of the product or service. Introducing a MVP to test market acceptability is the way.


Business Architecture

A Business Architecture is a bridge between a business model and its successful commercialisation.


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